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Asana 30 Day Master Class

Imagine being able to hack your systems in under 30 minutes a day while giving yourself countless hours back to your passion-filled projects such as that million dollar launch, being invited to speak at a Ted Talk or being featured on Creative Live!

Dear Chaos, consider this your FINAL eviction notice.


Do you plead with your computer to do something other than lead you astray in Facebook for the umpteenth time?

Would you rather watch paint dry than try to hack your productivity solo for one more second?

Do you wish you had a magic wand (aka: systems hacker) in your corner?

You’re here because you KNOW there’s a project management piece missing to your passionate puzzle

(Stay Tuned: Your project prayers are about to be answered…hand holding included!)

Hack Your Productivity

When you Hack Your Productivity…you can can turn your brain off at night and mean it (no app required)

When you Hack Your Productivity…you can work ON your business instead of IN it (BOOM!)

When you Hack Your Productivity…you can remember what it’s like to have a life again (cocktails anyone?)

You are...

SEXY (You’re beyond confident and if you don't like something, you’ll change it!)


SAVVY (You’ve got a vision and you’ll stop at nothing to share it!)

But, now you need to...


A 30-Day Asana Masterclass for to-do list heavy entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their project chaos into AH-sana* in 30 days (success shifts included)

*AH-sana is the sound your body makes when it realizes your project management system has moved from slack to hacked

Wanna know what's inside?

Hack Your Productivity Modules Include:

Pen and paper

MODULE ONE: AH-sana Navigation

Navigate Asana through account set-up, workspace, project and task creation, inviting team members and more!


MODULE TWO: AH-sana Communication

Master communication in Asana by using notifications, team conversations, team calendars and syncing your world with Asana.


MODULE THREE: AH-sana Organization

Use Asana to get organized such as using storage and file retrieval, search functionality, adding visuals and tying it all together.



Utilize your own personal space so that you can manage your life as well as your business right inside Asana! This tool helps you maintain your privacy, create personal lists, design schedules and routines, create family workspaces and develop those beloved honey-do lists with dates and times!

MODULE FIVE: Next-Level AH-sana

Level-up your Asana with advanced features like integrations, using Asana with clients, emailing tasks on the go and using Asana for organizations. This module is packed with extras you need to Level Up!

PLUS… There are FIVE ‘Brain Breaks’ built in 

so you can stay firmly planted in your zone of AH-sana! 

When you Hack Your Productivity you'll..

  • Set-up your Asana interface to easily create a habit of productivity so that you can stop pulling your hair out and start getting sh*t DONE 
  • Create the tech mindset shift necessary to upgrade your systems so that your heart can start beating at a steady 85 BPM again
  • Customize your communication methods with your team members using Asana so that you can get the support you need on all of your passion-filled projects 
  • Recognize the old way is so last year and lacks the efficiency necessary to expand in a tech heavy world so that you can get over it and get on with it (building your empire that is!)

Hack Your Productivity will take you from

A (action) to B (bliss) to C (complete control)...


(wait for it…)




READY to Hack Your Productivity with AH-mazing Attitude?

Discover your business in a new light when you turn your archaic systems into project management bliss in less time than it takes you to write your daily affirmations!

But you realize there’s one thing standing between you and your vision:

The Dreaded Tech!

(Enter Marissa & Megan)

Marissa & Megan

Hi I’m Marissa, biz strategist + expert systems hacker. Mother, wife and certified rule-breaker. I spent most of my childhood watching the effects of poor systems. From managing money to running households, I watched smart people fail over and over again. Their life was a systems mess! I stepped up. I took control. And I created a new system. A system that allowed me to breathe. I’ve lived a life full of systems, watching failures and then creating my own successful systems. Systems have allowed me to transform my life from an abusive environment and single parenthood to attacking a couple PhD programs and becoming a full fledged systems hacker! 

And I'm Megan! web designer and one-size-does-not-fit-all box destroyer. I’ve studied productivity for many days that turned into months that turned into years…yes…YEARS! Which means with me by your side you get: a bigger brain coupled with a sassy self-image in learning curve free space. And instead of filling your day with more ‘stuff’ (because that’s never been the answer), we’re going to fill your soul instead. 4 years in business, research hours in the hundreds, a lot of clients and many, many websites later I can officially say that I hail from the school of awesomeness (AKA Been-There-Learnt-That). And if there isn't an award for that, let's make one! 


The Guarantee: You got this and I can help! My promise to you is to get you to the point where you’re not afraid of systems anymore! Because you’re SMART and PASSIONATE and brimming with ideas and you’re not allowed to throw in the tech towel over your lacking hackings! Not on MY watch!

Seriously, I break this hacking process down so it’s stupid simple and you’re going to have your own sexy savvy systems by the time I’m done with you!

You LIGHT up the room. Now let’s light up your TECH!

You can Hack Your Productivity even if...

You lack the tech know-how (Don’t worry, we’re going to fix that stat) and dollars (That too)

Every piece of tech you touch breaks (Not for long)

You have no idea where to begin (That’s where I come in)

Your tech (no) savvy self is beyond frustrated, losing all hope and limited to checking your email, Facebook and weather updates (Warning: snooze alert)

And if you don’t believe that, listen to these other sexy savvy ladies!

Nickquolette Barrett
Rose Colarossi
Bambi Majumdar

Hack Your Productivity is the bridge between your bright ideas and seeing them come to fruition. What’ll you create next with Asana in your sexy savvy back pocket? 

And now it’s YOUR turn to HACK IT! 


You can hire someone at $25-50/hour to manage your projects for you


You can listen to the ‘gurus’ who ‘teach’ productivity as a learned skill in a $9 billion PER YEAR industry that’s failing YOU!


(Shh...come a little closer)

Productivity isn’t a skill to be ‘mastered’, IT’S A HABIT TO BE HACKED!

If you stick with me over the next 30 days, that’s exactly what we’ll do! I know you’re more than capable and beyond driven! 

Hack Your Productivity is for you if...

You’re a busy entrepreneur and you needed a project solution yesterday, chaos has lost its charm (and its place in your life)

You’re in a constant state of being reactive instead of being proactive

You want to be on the front of the wave and not get caught in the rip tide

You’re always putting out tiny biz fires

You’re not ready to Hack Your Productivity yet if...

You’re not ready to step up and take back control of your life and biz

You’re full on complaints and problems, but reject every solution put in front of you

You’re not looking to significantly impact your productivity in order to make the most of the day

You’re not willing and ready to try something new


You get to take full advantage of a LIFETIME of systems hacking. I saw a need in my clients and I created the solution. Hack Your Productivity is currently the ONLY Asana Masterclass available from someone other than the developers AND the idiot-proof step-by-step roadmap that’ll take you from ‘AH! What am I doing?!’ to ‘AH-sana!’ 


You’re on the cusp of a success shift (I can FEEL it!) and you’re ready to create change by bringing your talents into the spotlight. You got this! Oh, and not to mention there’s an idiot-proof strategy built-in to give you all that and a bag of sexy savvy systems!


You have DREAMS! (And if you don’t, talk to me and you will when I’m done with you!)

Dear Chaos, consider this your FINAL eviction notice.

But not for long! 

This masterclass will soon become part of my signature program Sexy Savvy Systems. 

So jump in while it’s still available and let’s 

Hack Your Productivity!

Asana 30 Day Master Class


(for a limited time until it becomes part of the 

Sexy Savvy Systems signature course)

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