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Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion


Asana– Dear Chaos, consider this your FINAL eviction notice. Asana has been a major productivity boost for me. Once I started using it I could actually unload my brain and sleep better at night again!

The Asana Masterclass for to-do list heavy entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their project chaos into AH-sana (success shifts included) *AH-sana is the sound your body makes when it realizes your project management system has moved from slack to hacked.

Asana 30Day Master Class

Boost Your Productivity

Asana Productivity Deck

 A Day in Asana

Email Providers

Mailchimp– free to use with a list up to 2000 subscribers. If you want automation you have to pay for it though.

Convertkit– this is the platform I use and I absolutely LOVE it. It is a bit more than using Mailchimp with automation but the extra money I spend saves me TONS of hours of my time trying to figure out how to simply move my subscribers through my company.

Make Your Mark

Lead Magnets or Freebies

Canva– This is my absolute favorite DIY graphics platform. There is very little that I cannot do inside Canva from creating branded images to infographics to ebooks to flyers to checklists to presentations and more. And I still use the free version!

I love Canva so much that I have created a free Canva Toolbox 7 Day Challenge as well as a paid Canva Toolbox 30 Day Master Class for those who want to continue to improve their skills within the platform.

Canva for Work– the Canva platform you pay for that gives you a brand toolkit with all your colors, fonts, images, etc.

50 Content Creation Ideas

Repurpose Your Best Content

Digital Course Creation

Digital Course Challenge Create your first digital course in less than a week! This challenge walks you through everything you need to do to get your first online course up and running in under a week.

Digital Course Challenge

5 Types of Digital Courses

Digital Course Supplemental Materials

Mastermind Your Business

Mastermind Your Business

Webinar Platform

Zoom “Over 400,000 companies trust Zoom and 94% of their IT organizations would recommend Zoom.” I love it because I can quickly and easily set up a meeting or webinar completely hassle-free. Zoom is easy to use even for the technology newbie. Try it free and decide for yourself!

Create Better Videos