This is a replay of the live broadcast with SimonSaysSocial and Megan Tegtmeyer


Date: 02-16-16

Participants: @SimonSaysSocial, @MeganTegtmeyer

The forum discussed how to plan and create webinars, how to make them engaging and successful.


How to plan a webinar – Planning a webinar – Doesn’t have to perfectly scripted, one can have a launch with impromptu discussions as long as they add value

What are some of the things one can do to bump up participation?

A mini checklist –

  1. Conduct a test run – test everything (mic, slides, camera, etc.)
  2. Appoint to “wingman” to help you (man the chat pod, share links, answer questions, troubleshoot when people have issues, etc).
  3. Set up a separate device – laptop, ipod etc. to keep up with questions and leads
  4. Make notes and refer to them time and again during the webinar
  5. If you have a panel of people having a conversation – make sure you study their profile beforehand so you can introduce them and communicate better – audience should know the panelists and the value they bring
  6. Running your webinar is an euphoric experiene
  7. Learn from failures but have a blast!

What are different parts of a webinar?

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Story that captures audience attention
  • Content promised
  • Pitch
  • Q & A
  • Closing

What kind of medium should you use?

PowerPoint is most common. Then there’s Evernote, Canva, PDFs that you can share

  1. What is the outline?
  2. Intro – storyboard – ensure expertise
  3. Value added content – use it as evergreen webinar
  4. Close – hard and strong – doesn’t have to be salesy but has to be there – elegantly but fast – at the very end of the webinar. Should include benefits, bonuses and product features to show them value again

Make sure that the giveaways aren’t too complicated – should be super simple

What to do right before the webinar –

  • go thru the checklist
  • prep your work space
  • contain other gadgets
  • real time noise
  • be an early bird
  • start on time
  • set housekeeping rules 
  • keep front end simple
  • start recording, screen share
  • Follow steps and it will be a simple process

Conversion rates –

When webinars work, they sell. They result in great webinar conversion rates which is typically 10-30%. Follow the path – email list – webinar – conversion – numbers matter.

Platforms –

  • google hangouts
  • blab
  • firetalk
  • webinar jam
  • webinar ignition
  • webinar alley
  • zoom

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    People will try to blow up your phone!!!!


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