Raves from Clients

We have had people who had no clue what Canva was to creating beautiful social media posts, we are changing the world one designer at a time” -Megan Tegtmeyer, SEO and Web Design


Thank you!! It’s amazing how you can send a message through one image. It helps to cut through all the jargon that can loose people. My site has so much jargon and talking. I’m so thankful for this challenge it has truly opened my eyes. -Lisa Lee, Linked Results, LLC


I learned how to transform my images with shapes to create a thorough thought! Use different fonts and font sizes to get my point across effectively. I still have a long way to go and looking forward to learning more as I continue to play with my designs. This challenge was AWESOME and I am a million times better than I was at design this time last week! Marissa thank you for allowing me to be a part of this! Your feedback along with the others in this challenge has been instrumental! Truly Awesome and would totally do it again! -Megan Ford, Executive Virtual Assistant Services


So I spent the last hour working on a new Facebook banner. Thank you so much for the information you shared in the webinar. It was tremendously helpful. I now have a better understanding not only of the program itself but also how to design with the elements of that design in mind. Your tip for keeping notes about details was also an invaluable tool that I did not even think of until you mentioned it. Lynda Krupa Hen House Bath and Body


Great webinar!  It was clearly very well planned, the demonstrations were excellent, and you offered many useful tips.  Thank you for inviting me! Ruth McGuffey